Comparison of the effect among different proportion of local anesthetic spinal anesthesia in cesarean section

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SONG Rui-feng(Department of Anesthesiology, the Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan , Shanxi 030001, China)
CHEN Qiao(Department of Anesthesiology, the Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan , Shanxi 030001, China)
QU Yuan()
WANG Jian-hua()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy
Volume 19, Issue 20, 2012
Key Word:
Bupivacaine ; Cesarean section ; Anesthesis, spinal ; Hypobaric ; Isobaric ; Hyperbaric

Abstract: Objective To explore the advantages and disadvantages of different local anesthetic subarachnoid block in patients with cesarean section.Methods 120 patients to be in the spinal-epidural cesarean section down,were randomly divided into 3 groups(n =40):lighter than restructuring( Q group),so the proportion of(D),heavy weight ( Z group).Q Group:0.75 % bupivacaine 2ml + sterile water for injection 1ml,D group:0.75 % bupivacaine 2ml + CSF 1 ml,Z group:0.75% bupivacaine 2ml + 10% glucose,1 ml,2ml of each group were given(10mg).Characteristics in each group anesthesia,blood pressure,heart rate,complications and postoperative neurological effects were observed.Results Three groups made the same anesthesia,patients satisfaction with anesthesia had no significant difference.Z group was significantly improved compared with block group D and Q group( t =8.3,7.3,all P < 0.05 ),Z group was the highest plane analgesia group than the high D and Q,Z group was significantly longer than the duration of sensory block and Q group(P <0.05),Z group and D duration of sensory block had no significant difference.Z group was significantly greater than the impact of the cycle Q and D groups.Anesthesia hypotension,nausea and vomiting,weight was significantly lighter than the restructuring,such as the proportion of high group.Conclusion Cesarean section in the three groups in the proportion of different local anesthetic achieved the same anesthesia,and spinal anesthesia and other medication had the proportion of liquid single,and it was relatively simple,safe and more suitable for cesarean section anesthesia.

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