Analysis of the curative effect of adrenaline injection combined with titanium clips by gastroendoscopy for acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding

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ZHANG Wen-li(Department of Gastroenterology, The First People 's Hospital of Yibin, Yibin, Sichuan 644000, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 17, Issue 15, 2010
Key Word:
Gastrointestinal bleeding;Titanium clips;Adrenaline

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the curative effect of titanium clips and adrenaline injection by gastroen-doscopy for acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding ( ANVUGIB). Methods 65 patients with ANVUGIB were randomly divided into group of titanium clips(31 cases) and group of injection combined with titanium clips(34 cases) for treatment of bleeding. The rate of curative effect of hemostatic and rehaemorrhagia was compared. Results All the patients of the two groups were succeed at the first time hematischesis, the hemostatic rates were all 100%. The titanium clips group has 6 cases rebleeding,and the rehaemorrhagia rate was 19.4% ,the injection combined with titanium clips group has 1 case rebleeding, and the rehaemorrhagia rate was 2. 9%. There was significant difference between the two groups. Conclusions The curative effect of injection with titanium clips was reliable, and was superior to treatment with titanium clips alone.

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