Analysis of influencing factors of recurrence and metastasis in patients with gastric cancer after radical operation

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ZHANG Jin-hui(Department of General Surgery,The First People's Hospital of Baiyun District,Guangzhou,Guangdong 510410,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 17, Issue 11, 2010
Key Word:
Gastric cancer;Recurrence or metastasis;Associated factors;Regression

Abstract: Objective To explore the influencing factors of recurrence and metastasis of gastric cancer after radical operation.Methods The recurrence and metastasis status of 50 patients with gastric cancer underwent the radical gastrectomy were retrospectively analyzed.Logistic multiple regression was used for univariate regression analysis or multivariate regression analysis.Results The average time of recurrence was 18.4 months in 50 cases with gastric cancer after radical operation; The rate of recurrence was 14 cases (28.0%)、12 cases (24.0% )、15 cases (30.0% )、6 cases (12.0% )、3 cases (6.0% ) within six months ,0.5-1 year、1~2 years、2~3 years >more than 3 years respectively; The early recurrence in 41 cases (82.0% ) were significantly higher than the late recurrence of 9 cases (18.0%) (X2 = 6.45,P <0.01) ;The univariate regression analysis indicated that original tumor site.,tumor size,TNM stage、 degree of differentiation,Bomnann classification were influencing factors of recurrence and metastasis (P <0.01); Logistic regression multivariate analysis showed tumor size、pathological TNM staging and adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric cancer were the independent influencing factors (P<0.01).Conclusion Most recurrences would happen within 2 years after radical resection for gastric carcinoma;The tumor size、 tunior pathological stages and adjuvant chemotherapy extent were independent correlation factors of locally recurrent gastric carcinoma.

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