A clinical study for the dynamic change of LPA level in plasma of patients with acute ischemic cerebrovascu-lar disease

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Journal Title:
Volume 17, Issue 07, 2010
Key Word:
Brain ischemia;Lysophosphatidie acid

Abstract: Objective To observe the dynamic change of lysophosphatidic acid(LPA)level in plasma of pa- tients with acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease,and to find the significance of LPA.Methods We examined LPA level in fresh plasma of 103 patients with transient iscbemia attack,cerebral thrombosis or lacuna infarct at 1st day,2nd day,3rd day and 7th day after onset of the disease.We also examined the plasma of 30 heahhy controls.Results An elevated LPA level was seen in cases with ischemic cerebrovascular disease compared with healthy controls.Meanwhile,LPA level was related with the time after onset of the disease.Conclusion LPA plays an important role in the process of acute ischemic cerebrovaseular disease,and LPA level may be significant for clinical therapy and prognosis of acute ischemic cerebrovaacular disease.

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