Diagnosis of early gastric cancer with mucosa biopsy after compound Staining under gastroscopy

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LUO Xian-ke(Department of Gastroenterology,Minzu Hospital of Guangxi,Nanning,Guangxi 530001,China)
WANG Da-dong(Department of Gastroenterology,Minzu Hospital of Guangxi,Nanning,Guangxi 530001,China)
TAN Jian-rong(Department of Gastroenterology,Minzu Hospital of Guangxi,Nanning,Guangxi 530001,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 16, Issue 03, 2009
10.3760/cma j.issn.1008-6706.2009.03.003
Key Word:
Stomach neoplasms;Gastroscopy;Staining and labeling;Diagnosis

Abstract: Objective To investigate the diagnosis rate of early gastric calleer(EGC)with mucosa biopsy after compound staining under gastroseopy.Methods Two hundreds and six pafients who suspected tO be EGC by gastroscopy were randomly divided into two groups,the mucosa in control group(n=103)was biopsy directly under gastrescopy,and the experimental group(n=103)was biopsy after compound staining.Compared the diagnosis rate of ECG between these two groups.Results Twelve cases were confirmed to be EGC by surgery plus pathology among all the patients.Two cases were from control group,the other ten cases were from experimental group.Type Ⅱ c+Ⅲ accounted for 58.3%of twelve EGG.Eleven cases(91.7%)were positive with helicobacter pylori(Hp).Conclusion Compound staining may improve diagnosis rate of ECG.There is significant deference between directed and mueosa biopsy after compound staining under gastrescopy(P=0.033).TypeⅡc+Ⅲwere main type in endoscope of EGC.Hp infection is closely related to early gastric cancer.

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