Clinical assay of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system,endothelin and nitric oxide in renovacular hypentension and adrenocorticoadenoma

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MA Lun(Department of Nuclear Medicine,Shenzhen Shekou Hospital,Shenzhen,Guangdong 515031,China)
WU Zhao-zhi()
Journal Title:
Volume 15, Issue 02, 2008
Key Word:
Hyperension;Rennin-angiotensm system;Nitricoxide

Abstract: Objective To investigate the roles of renin-angiotens in system(RAS)and aldosterone(ALD),endothelin(ET),nitricoxide(NO)in patients with renal hypertension(40 cases)and adrenocorticoadenomas(35 cases),35 normal subjects were included in the study as controls.Methods Radioimmunoassay(RIA)was used to de termine the plasma concentrations of the renin,angiorensin Ⅱ(AⅡ),aldosterone,ET in the abovecases.Enzymicas say was adopted to examine the plasma concentration of the nitricoxidesynthase(NOS).Results TIhe plasma concentrations of renin,angiotennsin Ⅱ,aldosterone,endothefin in the patients with renal hypertension were significantly higher than those in the control group(P<0.01)except with the concentration of NOS,which were lower than that in controls(P<0.05);the plasma concentrations of the ALD,ET,in the patients with adrenocorti-caladenoma were higher that those in controls(P<0.01)but renin and A Ⅱ were lower(P<0.05).Conclusion Determination of the plasma renin,angiotensionⅡ,aldosterone and NO might be able diagnose renal hypertension and adrenocorti coadenoma earlier.

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