Cost-utility analysis of surgical treatment for SAP

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LUO Dan(Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery,Peple's Hospital of Guizhou Province,Guiyang 553002,China)
LEI Ruo-qing()
XU Zhi-wei()
HAN Tian-quan()
TANG Yao-qing()
ZHANG Sheng-dao()
Journal Title:
Volume 9, Issue 05, 2009
Key Word:
Pancreatitis; acute necrotizing; Quality-adjusted life years; Cost-benefit analysis

Abstract: Objective To assess the cost-utility and medical economics of surgjcal treatment for SAP.Methods A retrospective study of SAP patients admitted from January to December 2003 to Ruijin Hospital was carried out.The cost of treatment was obtained from financial department and patients questionnaire;health-related quality of life was assessed by using the SF-36 brief questionnaire and the results were compared with normal population and were converted into rQALY,then utility scores were obtained so as to conduct CUA (cost-utility analysis)and related factors were analyzed.Results 98 patients with SAP were discharged,85 were discharged healthy;of them,59 patients had complete records were followed up,2 died during follow up,with a mortality of 3.4%,one patients could not finish the questionnaire and 6 did not respond,finally 50 finished the questionnaire;the total cost in hospital was 9899095 yuan,per capita 101011 yuan;the corrected post-discharge cost was 681737 yuan;the total cost was 10580832 yuan.The cost of medication was the highest,which accounted for 56%of all the cost.The means and deviations for each of eight scales(PF,RP,RE,BP,VT,MH,SF,GH)scores of SF-36 in SAP patients were 83.00±14.64,61.5.0±42.32,68.67±36.52,79.98±14.90,68.80±18.94,72.40±14.75,75.00±17.53,64.70±18.28.compared with normal population,gained 1929.05 QALYs;the cost-utility analysis was 5485 yuan per QALY.The patient's age,length of stay,chronic co-morbidity was associated with the cost of treatment.Conclusions SAP treatment in surgery department was justified in medical economics.Medication contributed to the most part of total costs.The related factors of cost included age,length of stay and chronic co-morbidity.

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