The construction and implementation on the practice teaching system of working-process-oriented

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ZHENG Heng(Office of Foundation Department, Zhaoqing Medical College, Zhaoqing 526020, China)
TANG Zhi-ming()
ZHANG Shao-hua()
ZHANG Xue-si()
SU Li-huan()
ZHANG Ming()
LIU Qi-li()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Medical Education
Volume 32, Issue 03, 2012
Key Word:
Three-year medical program;Clinical medicine major;Working-process-oriented;Practice teaching system;Construction;implementation

Abstract: This article takes the three-year medical program students of clinical medicine in Zhaoqing Medical College as the research object and studies the construction of an integrated,multi-level and open practice teaching system.This system is aimed at the position requirements in the basic health service system and is centered with the clinical working skills of assistant medical practitioners.Meanwhile,the practice teaching system is based on the oudine for the qualification exam of assistant medical practitioners with their work tasks as a main line through the whole process.The level of clinical practice skills assessment of the clinical students 2009 has been significandy improved through the full implementation of the new “practice teaching system”.As a result,students did well in the clinical skills competition and the evaluations by the practice teachers in hospitals have improved significantly.The professional practice teaching system in our school has begun to take shape and practice teaching materials with distinguishing features have been well received.The achievement of the teaching reform is remarkable.With our useful exploration and practice,a practice teaching system has been gradually formed,which is a combination of basic practical abilities and skills,professional technical proficiency and expertise,eomprehensive practical abilities and general skills.

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