The application of surgery video on cancer of colon complete mesocolic excision in surgical teaching

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WANG Tie(Department of Surgery, Cangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Hebei Province, Cangzhou 061001, China)
HAN Ya-mei(Department of Surgery, Cangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Hebei Province, Cangzhou 061001, China)
GUO Peng()
YANG Xiao-dong()
JIANG Ke-wei()
YiN Mu-jun()
YE Ying-jiang()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Medical Education
Volume 32, Issue 03, 2012
Key Word:
Complete mesocolic excision;Surgery video;Surgical teaching

Abstract: Objective To compare the different effect of the traditional surgery observed teaching and surgical site video teaching for the purpose of learning complete mesocolic excision of colon cancer.Methods 40 of the 2010 surgery graduates of Peking Universily People' s Hospital as a research object,were randomly divided into experimental group (20 persons) using surgical site video teaching and the control group (20 persons) using the traditional surgery observed teaching.The entrance examination scores of two groups students was no significant difference,and the textbooks,curricula,teaching hours and teaching objectives were the same.After teaching,subjective and objective evaluation of questionnaires and test results were used to examine teaching effectiveness.Results Compared with the control group students,the experimental group students could ask questions initiatively and actively participate in discussions to mobilize interest in learning.The survey results showed that students of surgical site video teaching were more satisfactory than the students of traditional surgery observed teaching.The results of the experimental group were significantly better than control group ( P<0.01 ) between the comparison of two groups of students' test scores.Conclusions There was obvious advantages compared to surgical site video teaching with traditional surgery observed teaching and the medical students were better in understanding complete mesocolic excision.

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