Bioinformatics screening and preliminary identification of human Trim30a homologous gene in rats

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SUN Da-kang(Experiment Center of Clinical Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University, Binzhou 256603, China)
AN Xin-ye()
XU Dian-hong()
ZHAO Yan-ting()
WANG Jian()
RUAN Yue-qin()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering
Volume 17, Issue 05, 2011
Key Word:
Trimotif protein 22;Nuclear factor-kB;Bioinformatics;Dual-luciferase reporter gene system

Abstract: Objective To screen for human Trim30a homologous gene via bioinformatic approaches and to investigate the impact of Trim protein candidates on TAB2-induced NF-kB luciferase reporter gene activity.Methods Phylogenetic tree of Trim molecules containing RBCC and SPRY domains was analyzed using MEGA4 software.The amino acid sequences of Trim candidates and Trim30a were compared using DNAMAN 6.0 for further comparison on the sequence and distribution of Trim30a proximal genes in human and murine chromosomes.Trim22 eukaryotic expression vector was constructed,and the impact of Trim22 on TAB2- induced NF-kB reporter gene activity was determined using dual- luciferase reporter gene system.Results Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that Trim30a originated from the identical bifurcation point with human Trim5a,Trim6,Trim22 and Trim34a.The amino acid sequence of Trim22 and Trim5a exhibited homogeneity of 42.51% and 45.47% with that of Trim30a,respectively.Trim22,but not Trim5a,inhibited TAB2-induced NF-kB reporter gene activation.Conclusion Trim22 is involved in negative regulation of TAB2-induced NF-kB reporter gene activation and may share similar biological properties with Trim30a.

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