Correlation between HBV-DNA loads and serum AST in patients with hepatitis B

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CHEN Han-bin()
LIU Yue(Department of Clinical Laboratory, The First Affiliated Hospital, Guangzhou University of Chinese Traditinal Medicine, Guangzhou 510405, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 15, Issue 04, 2009
Key Word:
Hepatitis B virus;DNA;viral;Aspartate aminotransferases;Fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction;Serum markers

Abstract: Objective To investigate the correlation between hepatitis B virus (HBV)-DNA and aspartate transaminase (AST) in two groups of hepatitis B patients--Group One (HBsAg+, HBeAg+, HBcAb+) and Group Two (HBsAg+, HBeAb+, HBeAb+). Methods The patients were divided into two groups based on status of HBV-related surface biomarkers as detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (138 in Group One and 362 in Group Two). The levels of HBV-DNA and AST were determined by fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (FQ- PCR) and enzyme coupling rate method respectively, and then the correlation was analyzed. Results Significant differences in both HBV-DNA and AST existed between Group One [(1.30±0.48)×107 copies/ml, (46±8)U/L] and Group Two [(3.87±3.12)× 102 copies/ml, (27±5)U/L] (all P<0.05). The rates of abnormal HBV-DNA (92.03%) and AST (43.48%) in Group One were higher than those in Group Two (22.10%, 21.27% )(all P<0.01 ), but no correlation was found between HBV-DNA and AST(P>0.05). Conclusions While HBV-DNA load and liver injury in Group One are more severe compared with Group Two. No correlation is found between HBV-DNA and AST. Therefore, combining HBV- DNA and AST tests would provide more accurate evaluation of viral loads in the body, and should be an important guidance in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis prediction of Hepatitis B patients.

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