Humanin protects neurons against apoptosis induced by Aβ31-35 through suppression of intrinsic pathway

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LI Ling-Min(Department of Pathology,Shanxi Medical University,Taiyuan 030001,China)
ZHANG Yu(Department of Physiology,Shanxi Medical University,Taiyuan 030001,China)
QIAO Jian-Tian(Department of Physiology,Shanxi Medical University,Taiyuan 030001,China)
ZHANG Ce(Department of Physiology,Shanxi Medical University,Taiyuan 030001,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 62, Issue 02, 2010
Key Word:
Aβ31-35;humanin;apoptosis;neuroprotection;intrinsic pathways

Abstract: The present study aimed to investigate the effects of humanin (HN) on primary cortical neuronal apoptosis induced by Aβ31-35, and explore the potential mechanisms. Cultured cortical neurons were pretreated with different concentrations of HN (5, 10, 20 μmol/L) for different time period (0, 8 and 16 h) respectively, and then exposed to Aβ31-35 (25 μmol/L) for additional 24 h and the neuronal apoptosis was examined by morphological analysis, flow cytometric assays and TUNEL staining. Caspase activities were measured using a spectrophotometer. Bax expression was measured by Western blot. The results were as follows. (1) Pretreatment with HN (20μmol/L) for 16 h significantly prevented Aβ31-35-induced apoptosis in cortical neurons; (2) HN significantly decreased Aβ31-35-induced elevation of caspase-3 and -9 activities; (3) HN suppressed Aβ31-35-induced translocation of Bax from the cytosol to mitochondria, but had no effect on overall Bax expression. In conclusions, HN attenuated Aβ31-35-induced cortical neuronal apoptosis by blocking intrinsic caspase-dependent apoptotic pathways.

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