Potassium channels and proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells

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ZHANG Lei(College of Life Science,Liaoning Normal University,Dalian 116029,China)
ZOU We(College of Life Science,Liaoning Normal University,Dalian 116029,China)
ZHOU Shi-Sheng(Medical College of Dalian University,Dalian 116600,China)
CHEN Dong-Dong(College of Life Science,Liaoning Normal University,Dalian 116029,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 61, Issue 01, 2009
Key Word:
potassium channels;breast cancer;proliferation;metastasis

Abstract: Potassium channels (K+channels), a family of special ion channel proteins, are involved in various physiological functions, Recent data show that the abnormalities of K+ channels are not only responsible for some neurological and cardiovascular diseases but also for channelopathies. Furthermore, many groups reported that the abnormalities of K+ channels had shown their oncogenic potential in breast introduction and other malignant tumors, promoting proliferation, invasion and metastasis. The aim of this review is to give an updated introduction of research progress in K+ channels associated with breast cancer.

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