Spotlight on cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion injury

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YANG Huang-Tian(YANG Huang-Tian,Dr. YANG Huang-Tian received her B.S. in Medicine in 1982 from Nantong University School of Medicine and M.S. in Medicine in 1988 from Suzhou University School of Medicine. Then she received her Ph.D. from Yamagata University School of Medicine,Japan in 1994, and served as a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology there up to 1997. In the same year, she moved to NIH/NIA to continue her research on cardiac receptors and signaling regulation and took current position since 2000. Dr. YANG is members of the Standing Committees of Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences, Chinese Association of Pathophysiology in Cardiovascular Sciences and in Receptors and Signal Transduction, the International Society for Heart ResearchChina Section, and Chinese Society of High )
TANG Chao-Shu(TANG Chao-Shu,Dr. TANG Chao-Shu received his B.S. degree in medicine in 1968 and M.S. degree in Pathophysiology in 1981 from Beijing Medical College, respectively. As a visiting scholar he moved to Saint Louis University to continue his research work during 1985.6-1986.7,1989.5-1990.5, 1993.3-1994.10, 1997.8-1998.4, respectively. He was promoted to be a professor in 1990 and to be a post-student supervisor in 1993, respectively. Professor TANG has been engaged in teaching and research work of physiological and pathological mechanisms of cardiovascular system. The long-term goal of Professor TANG's laboratory is to be elucidating vasoactive peptide mechanisms of cardiovascular disease pathogenesis and cellular protection mechanisms against cardiovascular diseases. He was a chief scientist o)
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Volume 59, Issue 05, 2007
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