Identification and function of the growth hormone gene in Rongjiang pig of China

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LI Jing()
RAN Xue-Qin()
WANG Jia-Fu()
Journal Title:
Volume 58, Issue 03, 2006
Key Word:
Rongjiang pig;growth hormone;gene

Abstract: Growth of animal is largely regulated by growth hormone (GH). In this study, the GH gene was isolated and cloned from the genomic DNA library from Rongjiang pig, a Chinese local swine, using polymerase chain reaction technique. The complete nucleotide sequence of a 1.903 kb genomic fragment containing Rongjiang swine GH gene has been determined. The GH gene contained five exons and four introns similar to the GH genes of other mammalians and exhibited 97%~99% identity to the GH genes of the four western meat-type breeds and nine Chinese local pigs. Polymorphism of GH genes was analyzed by using the restriction enzymes Dde I, Nar I and BsmN I in four western meat-type breeds and ten Chinese local pigs. Five polymorphic restriction sites, with Dde I at the base 622 (G/A) in exon 2 and 274 (T/C) in 5'-flank, with Nar I at 631 (G/A) in exon 2, and with BsmN I at the base 841 (T/C) in intron 2 and 1 358 (A/G) in exon 4, were identified. The polymorphic restriction site at 1 358 (A/G) leaded to the GH mature protein of Rongjiang pig differing from that of four western meat-type breeds and eight Chinese local breeds at the residue Val108 substituted by Ile108.According to the crystal structure of human GH mature protein, this Ile108 substitution might result in a lower affinity of GH for its receptor in Rongjiang breed.

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