An investigation on the division of neuronal PC12 cells induced by nerve growth factor

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Journal Title:
Volume 57, Issue 05, 2005
Key Word:
PC12 cells;nerve growth factor;cell division;neurites

Abstract´╝Ü Neuronal PC12 cells induced by nerve growth factor (NGF) have been considered to be postmitotic and lack the ability to divide. However, in this study, we not only detected DNA synthesis but also observed cell division in some morphologically differentiated neuronal PC12 cells bearing long neurites. More interestingly, in addition to the division of perikaryon, the neurites located on the division site of the cell membrane also divided into two parts and were allocated to the two daughter cells. These results demonstrate that the morphologically differentiated neuronal PC12 cells still retain the ability to divide. This is the first report that neuronal PC12 cells as well as their neurites can divide.

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