Different effects of 2 and 100 Hz tetanus on the expression of long-lasting long-term potentiation in rat visual cortical slices

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Journal Title:
Volume 56, Issue 04, 2004
Key Word:
long-term potentiation;visual cortex

Abstract: Long-term potentiation (LTP) can be induced by various tetanic parameters in the mammalian visual cortex. However, little researches have been done on the relationship between the expression of the long-lasting LTP (late phase LTP or L-LTP) lasting more than 3 h and the tetanic parameters. In the present study, the effects of 2 Hz and 100 Hz tetanic parameters on L-LTP of the field potentials were recorded from the layer Ⅱ/Ⅲ of the rat visual cortical slices in response to stimulation of the layer Ⅳ. As a result, tetanic parameters that had more than 300 pulses reliably induced L-LTP in the postnatal day 15~21 rats. Obviously different L-LTP expressions were induced by 2 Hz and 100 Hz tetani. There was no difference in L-LTP expression induced by the parameters with the same frequency and different total pulses. These data suggest that L-LTPs induced by different frequency parameters may have different induction and maintenance mechanisms; L-LTPs induced by the parameters with the same frequency may have the same mechanisms.

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