Effect of aldosterone on the secretion of endothelin by ventricular fibroblasts

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GONG Su-zhen()
LIU Pei-Qing()
LU Wei()
WANG Ting-huai()
FU Shi-gan()
Tan Zhi()
PAN Jing-Yun()
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Volume 53, Issue 01, 2001
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Abstract: Using cell culture, radioimmunoassay for endothelin and RT-PCR, the effect of aldosterone on the endothelin secretion of ventricular fibroblasts was studied. The results showed that aldosterone (1×10-7 mol/L) promoted the expression of ppET-1 mRNA, which began to increase in 2 hours and attained the highest level in 4 hours, thereafter decreased; aldosterone increased the endothelin level in ventricular fibroblasts and fibroblast conditioned growth medium (FCGM) as well, which was blocked by spironolactone (1×10-6 mol/L), an aldosterone receptor antagonist. The results suggest that aldosterone can increase endothelin secretion by ventricular fibroblasts, which can be inhibited by its receptor antagonist spironolactone.

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