Role of conditioned growth medium for ventricular fibroblasts in promoting fibroblast collagen synthesis and proliferation

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GONG Su-zhen()
LIU Pei-Qing()
LU Wei()
WANG Ting-huai()
FU Shi-gan()
PAN Jing-Yun()
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Volume 53, Issue 01, 2001
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Abstract: Ventricular fibroblasts were cultured using conditioned growth medium for ventricular fibroblasts (FCGM). The rate of the total collagen synthesis of ventricular fibroblasts was measured by assaying the incorporation rate of [3H]-proline, whereas the proliferation of ventricular fibroblasts was assessed by determining the incorporation rate of [3H]-TdR and the expression of c-fos genes. FCGM significantly increased the [3H]-proline incorporation rate and [3H]-TdR incorporation rate of fibroblasts in a dose-dependent manner. Furthermore, FCGM promoted the c-fos gene expression of fibroblasts, which attained its maximum in 1 h. BQ123, an ETA receptor antagonist, partially blocked the above effects of FCGM, but AT1 receptor antagonist CV11974 and α-adrenergic receptor antagoist regitin did not. It is suggested that the ventricular fibroblast has an autorine function in promotion of collagen synthesis and proliferation of fibroblasts by secreting endothelin and other bioactive substances.

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