Photodynamic therapy in the treatment of bacterial skin infection: an update

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LI Xin(Shanghai Clinical College of Skin and STD Diseases, Anhui Medical University, Shanghai 200050, China)
WANG Xiu-li()
WANG Hong-wei()
Journal Title:
International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology
Volume 38, Issue 01, 2012
Key Word:
Skin diseases;Bacterial infections;Photochemotherapy

Abstract´╝Ü Photodynamic therapy is a new type of non-invasive treatment,which can selectively kill target cells by toxins such as singlet oxygen and free radicals produced after selective accumulation of photosensitizers in target cells and irradiation with defined wave-length light.In the past nearly 20 years of clinical application in dermatology,the technique has become increasingly mature and improved.It has been used not only in the treatment of proliferative diseases,but also in various skin diseases.Particularly,it has shown potential efficacy in the treatment of some bacterial skin infections.This paper outlines the advances in photodynamic therapy for the treatment of bacterial skin infections from multiple aspects,including animal studies,in vitro trials and clinical application.

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