Placenta preparations in the treatment of vitiligo

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LI Jin-chao(Department of Dermatology,Affiliated Hangzhou Clinical College,Anhui Medical University,Hangzhou 310009,China)
XU Aie(Department of Dermatology,Affiliated Hangzhou Clinical College,Anhui Medical University,Hangzhou 310009,China)
WEI Xiao-dong(Department of Dermatology,Affiliated Hangzhou Clinical College,Anhui Medical University,Hangzhou 310009,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 35, Issue 03, 2009
Key Word:
Vitiligo;Placenta preparations;Therapy

Abstract: Vitiligo is a common depigmentation disorder,and its treatment remains a challenge.Placenta preparations contain proteins/peptides with molecular weight greater than 3000 and sphingolipids,which can induce melanogenesis through p38 MAPK and promote proliferation and difierentiation of melanoblasts.It has been demonstrated that placenta preparations are a safe and effective treatment with few adverse reactions for vitiligo,especially for childhood vitiligo affecting the scalp.

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