Clinical study on the orientation and diagnosis of condylomata acuminatum with 5-aminolexodinic acid

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HUA Ren-yi(Department of Dermatology,Tongji Hospital,Tongji University,Shanghai 200065,China)
SHI Wei-min(Department of Dermatology,Tongji Hospital,Tongji University,Shanghai 200065,China)
MEI Xing-yu(Department of Dermatology,Tongji Hospital,Tongji University,Shanghai 200065,China)
ZHANG Wen-ping(Department of Dermatology,Tongji Hospital,Tongji University,Shanghai 200065,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 34, Issue 03, 2008
Key Word:
Condylomata acuminata;Aminolevulinic acid;Photochemotherapy;Diagnosis

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the performance of 5-aminolevulinic acid(ALA)-mediated photodyrmmic diagnosis in subclinical lesions of condylomata acuminatum.Methods Twenty-five patients with condylomata acuminanta were recruited into this study.ALA 20%cream was applied under occlusive dressings in clinical lesions and subclinical lesions(5cm around the lesions)of the patients.Fluorescence was observed by 410 nm light 2 and 4 hours after the application of ALA.Acetowhitening test was also performed in the same skin areas.Results Among the 25 patients,ALA test was positive in 100%and 96% of clinical lesions and subclinical lesions respectively,while acetowhitening test was in only 80%and 8% of these lesions respectively;the difference was significant between the two tests in the positivity rates in clinical and subclinical lesions.The optimal time for diagnosis Was in 2 hours after the application of ALA.False positive reaction was noted in mucosal and inflammatory tissue.Conclusions ALA test is superior to acetowhitening test in the diagnosis of clinical and subclinical lesions of condylomata acuminatum.So,it is promising for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of condylomata acuminatum.

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