The effect of evidence - based nursing in the high - quality nursing service in operation room

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DING Yu-hui(The Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College,Luzhou 646000, China)
LUO Yu(The Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College,Luzhou 646000, China)
ZHU Cui-rong(The Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College,Luzhou 646000, China)
Journal Title:
International Journal of Nursing
Volume 31, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:
Evidence- based nursing; Operation room; High- quality nursing service

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effect of evidence -based nursing used in the high -quality nursing service in operation room. Methods A total of 400 patients was randomly divided into evidence - based nursing group ( EBN group) and control group ( n =200 ).The EBN group adopted the evidence - based nursing via visiting prior to surgery,nursing during surgery and follow - up post surgery.In control group,the patients were treated with routine nursing.Results The patients in EBN group showed better outcome in perioperative psychology,comfortable degree in operation,occurrence of complications,and satisfaction than outcome of patients in control group ( P < 0.01 ).Conclusions The evidence - based nursing can improve the quality of nursing in operation room,improve the patients' satisfaction,reduce the perioperative complications,accelerate the patients' recover and strengthen the nursing quality.

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