Effect of Family nursing intervention on blood sugar and the life quality of patients with diabetes

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ZHANG Yu-rong(Binzhou People 's Hospital,Binzhou 256610, China)
ZHOU Mei-qing(Binzhou People 's Hospital,Binzhou 256610, China)
CHEN Hong-fang()
Journal Title:
International Journal of Nursing
Volume 31, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:
Family nursing intervention; Diabetes; Blood sugar; Life quality; Effect

Abstract: Objective To explore family nursing intervention on blood sugar and the life quality of patients with diabetes.Methods Fifty patients with diabetes and their family members adopted the family nursing intervention at the same time,family nursing intervention program and content were made by the charge nurse,patients and their family members together accompanied with individual health guide.It was implemented under the family members'supervision,the charge nurse regularly contacted with patients and their family members by telephoning or chatting face to face.Results Compared with the control group,in research group the patient~ health knowledge awareness degree and healthy behaviors formation rate obviously were improved.There were significant differences in blood sugar control,complications occurrence and improvement of the life quality between two groups ( P > 0.01 ).Conclusions Family nursing intervention increases the patients' compliance,and family supports play the role of control to increase the confidence of the patients.It can effectively control the patient's blood sugar and complications,so that the life quality of patients was obviously improved.

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