Progress on contraception methods of perimenopausal women

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LIU Wei-hua(Family Planning Department of Taishan Medical College,Taian 271000,China)
SUN Yan-ling()
GAO Dan-feng(Family Planning Department of Taishan Medical College,Taian 271000,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 29, Issue 01, 2010
10.3760/cma j.issn.1673-4351.2010.01.002
Key Word:
Perimenopause;Contraception methods

Abstract: This article introduced the progress on perimenopause contraception. Various contraceptive options may be offered to perimenopausal women, including oral contraceptives, tubal ligation, intrauterine devices, barrier methods, hormonal injectables and implants. Recently, new methods of contraception have been introduced presenting high efficacy rates and minor side - effect, such as the monthly injectable system, the contraceptive vaginal ring and the transderimal contraceptive system. The use of the various contraceptive methods during perimenopause holds special benefits and risks that should be carefully balanced, after a thorough consultation and according to each women(s) contraception needs.

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