Effects of single acute Taijiquan exercise on essential hypertension

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ZHONG Yun-Jian(Nanchang University)
LIU Dong-Mei(Jingangshan College)
ZHENG Song-Bo(Jiangxi Noroal University)
Journal Title:
Volume 30, Issue 24, 2009
Key Word:
Taijiquan;essential hypertension;acute exercise;serum NO;lipid profile

Abstract: AIM:To investigate the effect of single acute Taijiquan exercise on essential hypertension and its possible mechanism.METHODS:Forteen hypertension patients were chosen as subjects,pre-and post-acute exercise blood pressure and lipid profile were measured.RESULTS:Single session of Taijiquan exercise decreased blood pressure of Hypertensive patients obviously.The trend of decrease of DBP is more obvious(P<0.05)and lasts longer too,this kind of efficacy maintains over 18 h and recovered into the preceding level in 24 h.Tis effect is independent of ordinary alternation of blood pressure,as confirms exercise-induced result.This finding indicates the benefit of single session of practicing Taijiquan on hish pressure lasts for nearly a day.Concentration of serum TC,LDL-C decreased(P<0.05),concentration of HDL-C and concentration of serum NO remarkably increases(P<0.05)immediately after single session of Taijiquan exercise;After 24 h concentration of HDL-C continues to increase(P<0.01),the concentration of TG is obviouslv decreases(P<0.05),the LDL-C concentration rises to overtake the preceding level;The concentration of TC,TG.LDL-C is resumed the preceding level essentially after 48 h,however.HDL-C's concentration is yet high,but compared with pie-exercise,can not reach the level of significant difference.CONCLUSION:Effect of single acute Taijiquan exercise on hypertension lasts nearly one day and its effect on lipid profile last almost 48 h,which suggests controlling time of taking blood sample is certainly importance in order to distinguish acute effect and long-term effect.

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