Effects of soy isoflavones on the trabecula of lumbar and tibial epiphyseal extremity in bilateral castrated male rats

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ZHAO Jing(Fourth Military Medical University)
ZHANG Zhe-Peng(Fourth Military Medical University)
WANG Xin(Fourth Military Medical University)
CHEN Jian-Kang(Fourth Military Medical University)
YU Jun(Fourth Military Medical University)
Qu Ping(Fourth Military Medical University)
ZHANG Xue-Ce(Fourth Military Medical University)
TIE Ru(Fourth Military Medical University)
Journal Title:
Volume 30, Issue 24, 2009
Key Word:
bilateral castration male;lumbar;tibial epiphyseal extremity;trabeeular bone;soy isoflavones;osteoporosis

Abstract: AIM:To investigate the therapeutic effects of soybean isoflavones on osteoperosis.METHODS:Twenty-four male rats were randomly assigned into 3 groups:group A,as the control,were implemented sham surgery on the bilateral testieular;group B were treated with bilateral testieular ablation;group C were animals with bilateral testieular ablation and treated with soybean Boflavones.After 8-week treatment,the rats were sacrificed and the the trabecula of lumbar and tibial epiphyseal extremity was observed and the percentage of trabecula was determined under microscope.RESULTS:Compared with group A,the trabecula of lumbar and tibial in group B were significantly narrow,and spaces between trabeeulas became markedly wider.Also,percentages of trabeculas under microscope visual field decreased,and trabeculas were frequently broken.However,osteoporosis denonstrated in group B Was significant ameliorated in group C with development of new cartilage.CONCLUSION:Soy isoflavones have therapeutic effects on osteoporosis in bilateral testieular-ablated rats.

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