Control study of CT perfusion imaging and histology of rabbit liver VX2tumor in different growth period

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WU Yue(Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital)
HANG Chang-Hong(Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital)
LIU Xin(General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command)
YANG Ben-Qiang(General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command)
LIU Wen-Yuan(General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command)
LI Zi-Hao(General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command)
Journal Title:
Volume 30, Issue 24, 2009
Key Word:
tomography;VX2 tumor;perfusion imaging

Abstract: AIM:To study the computed tomography perfusion parameter change and histology of rabbit liver VX2 tumor in different growth period,it was supposed to provide experimental basis for evaluation of computed tomography perfusion imaging in measurement of effect assessment of liver tumor.METHODS:The multi-slice computed tomography perfusion was performed in 16 New Zealand white rabbits at before and 1 to 3 weeks after VX2 hepatic tumor implantation.The various perfusion parameters (HBF,HBV,MTT,PS,HAF)were measured in the tumor area and non-tumorous regions and different growth period.After that,all the rabbits were executed and pathological examination and VEGF staining was performed.All of statistical data were compared respectively.RESULTS:Sixteen(100%)rabbits were successfully implanted with VX2 tumor in the liver.It was demonstrated that significant difference between HBF,PS.HAF of liver prior to tumor implantation and 1 to 3 weeks after implantation(P<0.01).And no significant difference in HBV,MTT.The statistical analysis also showed the increased HBF,HBV,PS,HAF and the decreased MTY in the tumor area were difiered from the nontumorous regions at 2 weeks after VX2 hepatic tumor implantation (P<0.01).Sixteen single tumor were detected in pathology,the central parts of tumors in the group of fourteen showed the cystic necrosis according to the result of CT imaging.The light microscopic observation of low magnification showed that the cells of tumor were arranged into nests with fibrous tissue in the liver,there was no clear margin between tumor and liver parenchyma,and abundant capillary of developed was been seen also;high magnification showed that the cells of tumor were bigger than the normal liver cells,cells distributed irregularly with abundant caryokinesis.VEGF positive staining could be seen most in cytoplasm as uniform or uniform granule,clot in brown-yellow color;with the cells of tumor proliferated more actively,positive cells were more abundant,and staining more stronger.CONCLUSION:The multi-slice computed tomography perfusion imaging had advantages in the changes of hemodynamics of the rabbit model of VX2 liver tumor,the more quantification information could be provide if combination with the research of histology.

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