Significance of 3q27-3q29-related p63 protein expression in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

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CHEN Zhen-wen(Department of Pathology, Fenyang College of Shanxi Medical University, Fenyang 032200, China)
WANG Jin-fen()
WANG Guo-ping()
ZHANG Hong-wei()
LIU Dong-mei(Department of Pathology, Fenyang College of Shanxi Medical University, Fenyang 032200, China)
XU Yi-rong(Department of Pathology, Fenyang College of Shanxi Medical University, Fenyang 032200, China)
ZHANG Zhao-xia(Department of Pathology, Fenyang College of Shanxi Medical University, Fenyang 032200, China)
TIAN Lin()
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Volume 19, Issue 03, 2010
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the expressions and clinicopathological significance of 3q27-3q29-related p63 protein in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Methods An immunohistochemical Envision~(TM) method was used to detect the expressions of p53 and 3q27-3q29-related p63 protein in 102 cases of DLBCL and 15 cases of reactive hyperplasia of lymph node (RHL). Results The tumor cell expressions of p53(62 %) and p63(56 %) in DLBCL were significantly higher than that in RHL (0 and 13 % P < 0.05). The expressions of p53 and p63 were significantly different (1) between stage Ⅰ + Ⅱ (the positive rate 48.3 % and 41.4 %, respectively) and stage Ⅲ+Ⅳ(the positive rate 79.5 % and 75 %, respectively; P <0.05), (2) between GCB type (the positive rate 28 % and 28 %, respectively) and non-GCB type(the positive rate 72.7 % and 64.9 %, respectively; P <0.05). The expressions of p53 and p63 had no relationship to gender, age, B symptoms and locations. The expression of p53 was positively correlated with that of p63 in DLBCL (P <0.05, Cp=0.629). p53 and p63 protein expression in negative group the 5-year overall survival rate is higher than that in positive group (38 % and 6 %, 51% and 4 %, respectively), the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05). Conclusion It was likely that p63, as the oncogene, participated in the occurrence and development of DLBCL together with p53. Also, p63 and p53 might play a synergistic role in the occurrence DLBCL. Combined detection of 3q27-3q29-related 1963 protein and p53 protein in DLBCL, might be one of the indicators to the prognosis of DLBCL.

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