Application of sorting peripheral blood cells by flow cytometry in the detection of peripheral Mood cell sorting

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ZHENG Mei-jing(Department of Graduate, Shanxi Medical University, Talyuan 030001, China)
DUAN Jing-jing(Department of Graduate, Shanxi Medical University, Talyuan 030001, China)
SU Li-ping()
WANG Yan-feng()
SU Wen()
Journal Title:
Volume 19, Issue 03, 2010
Key Word:
Flow cytometry;T-lymphocytes;Granulocytes

Abstract: Objective To apply fluo-rescencc-activated cell sorting(FACS) in sorting T lymphocyte (CD_3~+) and granulocyte (CD_(15)~+), which establish the separating method of series of cells from human peripheral blood, so that the scientific research and clinical research could be carried out were specifically. Methods 10 cases of normal peripheral blood were collected and T lymphocyte (CD_3~+) and granulocyte (CD_(15)~+) were stained with florescence conjugated antibodies. The positive cells were sorted by FACS. Results Before sorting the peripheral blood, the proportion of the T lymphocyte(CD_3~+) and granulocyte (CD_(15)~+) in the leukocyte is 48.8 % and 30.8 %; after sorting by FACS, the purity of T lymphocytes (CD_3~+) is up to 98 % and the recovery is about 95 %; the purity of granulocyte (CD_(15)~+) is up to 97 % and the recovery is about 96 %. Conclusion The FACS could Mlow us to quickly sort T lymphocyte (CD_3~+) and granulocyte (CD_(15)~+) with higher recovery and higher purity from the peripheral blood.

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