Research progress of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in blood diseases

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WANG Yun(Department of Hematology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200092, China)
TAO Rong(Department of Hematology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200092, China)
LIANG Hui(Department of Hematology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200092, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 19, Issue 01, 2010
Key Word:
Mesenchymal stem cells; Hematologic diseases

Abstract: Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are the non-hematopoietic cellular component in the bone marrow that have multiple differentiation potency. MSC play a key role in the regulation of bone marrow hematopoietic niche and modulation of immune function through various mechanisms. They are currently recognized as a promising cell source in tissue engineering, a vehicle in gene therapy and a powerful tool in the management of graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. In this review some momentous aspects regarding the current status and potential clinical applications of MSC in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, aplastic anemia and multiple myeloma were summarized.

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