Advances in biological prognostic indicators of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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MA Lan(Department of Hematology,Third Hospital,Peking University,Beijing 100191,China)
WANG Jing(Department of Hematology,Third Hospital,Peking University,Beijing 100191,China)
KE Xiao-yan(Department of Hematology,Third Hospital,Peking University,Beijing 100191,China)
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Volume 19, Issue 01, 2010
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Abstract´╝Ü The patients of chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL)have great individual differences.It is important for clinicians to determine the prognosis at the beginning of diagnosis and choose proper treatment for the patients.The recent advances in biological prognostic indicators of CLL were reviewed,including IgVH gene mutation status,ZAP70,CD_(38),chromosome abnormality[t(11q;v),del(11q),del(17p),+12 and del(13q)].telomere and telomerase.

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