Chinese Journal of Epidemiology

Founded in:
Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
Indexed in:
Medline   PKU   ISTIC

The Chinese Journal of Epidemiology , tracking back to 1956 as the Journal of Epidemiology , has been regarded as the first-class academic periodical on epidemiology and related disciplines. It is aimed at epidemiologists, educators and those who use epidemiological data, including public health workers and clinicians. The journal is devoted to the publication of research findings in the field of epidemiology, especially from field epidemiological investigation and surveillance, laboratory research, and clinical epidemiological study. Columns include Opinion Pieces, Expert Forum, Original Articles, Field Investigation, Surveillance, Laboratory Research, Clinical Epidemiology, Basic Theory and Methodology, and Reviews, etc. The journal is cited by more than ten major biomedical databases and index systems worldwide, such as Index Medicus, MEDLINE/PubMed, Chemical Abstracts (CA), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese Biological Medical Disc (CBMdisc), and Chinese Medical Citation Index (CMCI), etc. It is one of the Core Journals of China and the premier one in preventive and basic medicine. In 2004-—2006, the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology was honorably appraised as one of the 100 Distinguished Academic Journal of China by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC).

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