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Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA)
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With the swift development of medical science in China, medical workers all over the world hope to know more about the up-to-date situation in Chinese medical fields. In order to further enhance mutual exchange between the medical circles in China and overseas, with the leadership of Prof. Xishan Hao, chief editor of the Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology (CJCO) and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the staff of the editorial office of the CJCO founded the English Edition of the CJCO. The editorial board is composed of 51 well-known specialists in Oncology from China, USA, Canada and Japan. In addition, a team for examining the manuscripts includes more than 50 experts with high English proficiency. Dr. John F. Hofert, the specially hired American professor, holds the post of English editor and is personally responsible for the routine affairs in guidance and revision of the language. Two more editors are working here for acceptance, typesetting and proofreading of the manuscripts. Since launching the journal in February 2004, it has won the favorable appraisement from a vast number of authors and readers, with its original topics, fine quality of the articles, flexible format and smooth rhetoric and grammar. The journal has become a good teacher and companion for guiding the workers of medical oncology, with high creativity, science, practice and readability. Relying on the Chinese edition of CJCO and with first class international publication as its object, the staff of the English edition editorial office fully exert their own predominance, and highlight the principle and characteristics of the journal. Under the guidance and support of senior oncologists and their many colleagues, the English edition of CJCO will, we hope, provide a way for the English speaking would to learn about Chinese research in the field of Oncology.

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