Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medicine and Brain Science

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science was established in June 1992. It mainly published research contributions and clinical research reports of behavioral medicine, and the study papers of theoretical research, applied research, education and information. Now the columns of this journal include Editorial, Basic Medicine Research, Clinical Research, Preventive Medicine, Nursing Research, Method and Technology, Study and Thinking, Advanced Education, Review Article, Medical News and Note. The behavioral medicine researches relate to basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, nursing and convalescent medicine. The main selected research issues are as follows. 1.Basic Medicine Research: biological mechanisms, pathologic changes and influencing factors of the human behaviors, such as neurobehavioral medicine, behavioral anatomy, behavioral physiology, behavioral pharmacology/toxicology, behavioral pathology, behavioral biochemistry, behavioral genetics, psychophysiology, neuropsychology, psychological science, and so on; studies on learning and memory, sleeping, stress, emotion, pain, higher somatic sensation, somatic motor functions, special sensations (vision, audition, olfactory sensation, gustatory sensation) and higher neurobehavioral functions such as expression, writing and reading. 2.Clinical Research: applications of measurement, evaluation and diagnostic technique of psychology and behavioral medicine in each medical field, and treatments of various psychosomatic diseases, such as the evaluations of quality of life and somatic health condition, applications of psychological consult, behavior treatment, cognitive treatment and biological feedback technique. 3.Hygiene and Preventive Medicine: studies of diseases on the psychobehavior, society, environmental risk factors, such as theoretic and applied studies of healthy and ill conditions on the psychology, emotion, sleeping, diet, marriage, sex behavior, family function, life environment, bad behavior, quality of life and hygienic factors. 4.Nursing Research: theoretic and applied studies of diseases on the nursing techniques of psychology and behavior. Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science is mainly covered by Guide to the Core Journal of China (GCJC), Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database (CSTPC), Western Pacific Region Index Medicus(WPRIM) and Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD).

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