Journal of Medical Colleges of PLA

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The four military medical universities of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
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Journal of Medical Colleges of PLA publishes the most recent medical achievements of the four medical universities of the PLA and papers from aboard and all over the country in china. It mainly reports on basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and epidemiology, military medicine, pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. And now it has readers in North America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Each paper in the journal is peer-reviewed. And the originality, scientific merits, validity and practicability of each contribution will be discussed periodically at our Editorial Board meeting to decide if the paper can be published. And many published articles are sponsored by various kinds of national projects or key programs and foundations. Four academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) are the chief editors of the journal. In our Editorial Board there are 63 well-known professors with different biomedical and health background in China.

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