Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy (CJPMP ) is administrated by Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by Chinese Medical Association. Founded in July, 1994, CJPMP is a national monthly journal and issued at home and abroad, making a feature of its academic, comprehensive and practical papers. The editorial board of the journal is composed of over 70 well-known experts. Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy has been in the coverage of Chinese Scientific Core Periodical, China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Science Citation Database, China Academic Journal and Wanfang Database. Moreover, it has been embodied in Chemical Abstract Service of USA since 2007. CJPMP holds firmly the guideline to propagandize and carry out the hygienic policies in our country, to reflect the development of medication, especially that of primary medicine and pharmacy in China and abroad, and to promote the communication and exchanging of the academic information. It attaches much importance to the reports on scientific achievements in medicine and sanitation and the clinical experiences. The main characteristic columns are: Commentaries, Expert Forums, Research Papers, Clinical Research, Nursing Science, Traditional Medication, Remedies & Clinics, Reviews, Lectures, Medicine Frontier, Medical Care of Women and Children, Sanitation Management, Prevention Medicine, Exchange of Experience, Case Reports and so on. This journal mainly serves medical workers and researchers from the sanitary institutions at various levels throughout the country. CJPMP possesses a large readership of about 6 million primary medical workers in China and has a top-ranking group of reading and editing members, in which are 8 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, the executive members of its editorial board. The journal has also earned its reputation as the medical encyclopedia of updating knowledge for its wide professional coverage and therefore has a large circulation, covering 34 provinces and municipalities in China, even with a circulation of 100 distributions abroad. In addition, CJPMP sponsors many academic communications and conferences each year, which has a far-reaching and widespread effect. As an important window for probing into the development and research interests of medical sciences, CJPMP is contributing more greatly to the development of Chinese sanitation and medicine.

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