Chinese Journal of Endemiology

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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The Chinese Journal of Endemiology covers predominantly endemic diseases threatening health of the people in the areas affected by the diseases including Keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck Disease, iodine deficiency disorders, endemic fluorosis, endemic arsenism, plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, brucellosis, parasite diseases and the diseases related to local natural and socioeconomic conditions; and reports researches in the basic science, etiology, epidemiology, clinical practice, control as well as multidisciplinary studies on the diseases. The journal is indexed by the following citation databases: China Science Citation Database, China Academic Periodicals Overall Merit Database, China Core Journal Database, China Biology Periodical Database, the People’s Liberation Army Library Database, China Academic Periodicals (electronic edition on CD-ROM), Summary of Contents Overview of Chinese Core Journal, Chinese Science and Technology Material List: Medical Health,China Medical Abstracts, China Biological Abstract, and so on. Since 1992, the journal has been listed among China Physical Science Core Journals, China Biomedical Core Journals and Preventive Medicine Health Core Journals. The journal is listed as a source periodical by Chemical Abstracts(CA), Russian Abstracts (AJ of VINITI), Excerpta Medica Abstracts(MBASE),Serials Source List for Biological Sciences(CSA:BS),Serials Source List for Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management(CSA:ESPM),Serials Source List for Toxicology Abstracts(CSA:TA)and the Index Copernicus Scientific Committee(IC). In 2000, the journal was awarded the excellent scientific and technological periodical award. In 2001, it was awarded “CAJ-CD norm” executed recognition award. In 2004, it won the first prize of both excellent medical and health periodicals by the Ministry of Health. In January 2005, it was awarded as the excellent periodical by the Chinese Medical Association.

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