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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Journal of Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine , formerly called Pediatric Emergency Medicine ,started publication in 1994 under the supervision of Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China. Originally sponsored by China Medical University,our journal handed over the sponsorship to Chinese Medical Association in 2003 and has become one of the serial journals of Chinese Medical Association. Since the first issue of 2006,our journal formerly called Pediatric Emergency Medicine , has been renamed to Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine . In the field of pediatric critical/emergency medicine, our journal is the only academic periodical in China and represents the Chinese level in this academic field. Ever since 2003, Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine has been selected as a source journal of CSTPC (Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations) and also a Chinese Core Academic Journal. Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine is orientated to clinical practice and dedicated to solving practical medical problems, adhering to the principle of “combining foreign introduction with original research, raising academic standards based on popularization, and integrating theory with practice”. With the purpose of promoting pediatric emergency medicine, our journal is focused on introducing new technology and recent advancement exchanging first-aid experience, demonstrating up-to-date achievements and discussing on emergency drug therapy/ first aid equipment usage in pediatric emergency medicine. Therefore, our journal mainly caters for pediatricians in hospitals at different levels, especially, those who are specialized in pediatric emergency and critical diseases. Our journal has set up various columns such as Symposium, Original Articles, Exchange of Experience, Reviews, Lectures, Pediatric Emergency Room, Continuous Medical Education, Teaching Ward-Rounds, First-Aid Questions & Answers, Pediatric Surgery, International News, Clinical Pathology/Case Conference, Analysis of Misdiagnosis, Short Report, First-Aid and Drugs, First-Aid and Equipments, et al. Papers in Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine are abstracted by well-known international abstracting services and presented in Chemical Abstract(CA), Abstract Journal of Russia(AJ), Index Copernius(IC), etc. The editorial board is comprised of well-known pediatric experts in China. Members of editorial board are enthusiastic and meticulous in revising manuscript and writing articles, thus the academic level of our journal is guaranteed. Our journal's quality has been improving steadily and it has been well accepted among a large population of readers and experts.

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