Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research

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Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM)
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Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research (CRTER) is a first-class specialized international academic journal in tissue engineering area. Under the responsible institution of the Ministry of Health, P.R. China, CRTER is sponsored by Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association and published by Editorial Board of CRTER. This journal (CN 21-1539/R, ISSN 1673-8225), launched in 1997, 200 pages/issue, weekly, is distributed all over the world. There are 40-50 articles in each journal, comprising 150-200 authors and totally 12 thousands per year. CRTER has been indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA), SCOPUS database, Excerpta Medica (EM), Abstract Journal (AJ), Cambridge Science Abstracts (CSA), Index Copernicus (IC). Meanwhile, CRTER has been included by more than 15 Chinese databases, such as Chinese Core Journal (select) Database, Source Journal of Chinese Science and Technology, Paper Statistics (G299, p287), and Chinese Science and Technology Paper, etc. Since its inception, CRTER has developed a strong international influence. CRTER occupies the first place on the highest cited ratio of each paper in CA. Based on the total citation analysis of China Journal Citation Reports (CJCR), papers published in CRTER have ranked as 10 for 6 successive years. In 2009, CRTER will emphasis on the original articles and the reviews in the culture and transplantation of stem cells, tissue construction, biomaterials, medical implants, digital medicine, organ transplantation and artificial organs.

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