Chinese Journal of Practical Nursing

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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Chinese Journal of Practical Nursing , which is charged by the Ministry of Health of the People’s of Public of China and sponsored by Chinese Medical Association, is an academic journal issued both at home and abroad. This journal was nominated as Chinese Core Journal of Biological Medicine, Chinese Core Journal, Chinese Core Journal of Clinical Medicine, Source Journal For Chinese Scientific and Technical Paper and Citations, Journal of Chinese Periodical Square Matrix. Besides, it has been embodied by Chinese Scientific and Technical Journal(CD Edition), Wanfang Database and several other national authoritative abstract journals and database. The tenet of this journal is to stress practicability, face to grass root, transfer academic information about nursing, increase the level of nursing theory and technology and promote the development of Nursing Science. We aimed at reporting scientific achievement, nursing experience in nursing field and those basic theoretic research which are instructive and closely related with clinical nursing. All of these incarnate the unification of scientific, practical, novel and informative characteristics. The intended readers covered basic nurses, managers, teachers and students of nursing institutes(department). Main columns: Expert Forum, Scientific Research, Treatise, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing, ENT Nursing, Basic Nursing, Drug and Equipment Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Neoplastic Nursing, Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing, Case Nursing, Ward-round of Nursing, Nursing Garden for Grass Root, Health Education, Community Nursing, Review, Excellent Papers of Postgraduates, Problem Discussion, Investigation and Analysis, Nursing Management, Psychological Nursing, Nursing Ethic, Nursing and Law, Nursing Education, Nursing Information, Debating Garden, Translation and Editing Selection, Continuing Medical Education Garden, Nursing Experience, Invention and Reform, Practical Method, etc. The Continuing Medical Education Garden is set up and one can obtain class Ⅱ credit of Chinese Medical Association if he answers problems in the garden.

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