International Journal of Transplantation and Hemopurification

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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The International Journal of Transplantation and Hemopurification is a nation-grade authoritatively academic periodical, which is in charge of Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China and is sponsored by Chinese Medical Association. The journal is indexed by Chinese Core Periodical (Selected) Data. The full text of the journal is on internet of WANFANG data. The journal is indexed by Chinese periodical Full-text Data base, which was examined and verified and put on file by national news publication head office and the state council news office. The International Journal of Transplantation and Hemopurification includes kinds of types, such as review, lecture, meeting reports, specialist commentary, etc. The aim is to promptly introduce the international and domestic newest advancement in field of transplantation and purification and to recommend the newest technology and technological research findings. Most of the articles in the journal are from three-class and grade A hospital all over the country and most of the authours are master or doctors, which checkers are famous professors. The contents in the journal are advanced, prospective, authoritative and scientific. The readers can aquaire advanced knowledge and technology and master the development trend of this subject. The journal is bimonthly published on 20th every other month. Readers can mail to order the journal from editor department. Warmly welcome experts, scholars and relative professional staff contribute any article and subscribe the journal. Please send electronic edition by E-mail to editor department when contributing any article by post.

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