International Journal of Pediatrics

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Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
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International Journal of Pediatrics , formerly called Foreign Medical Sciences (Section of Pediatrics), started publication in 1974 under the supervision of Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. Originally sponsored by China Medical University, our journal handed over the sponsorship to Chinese Medical Association in 2003 and has become one of the serial journal of Chinese Medical Association. Since the first issue of 2006, our journal has been renamed to International Journal of Pediatrics . In the year of 2006, our journal is one of the first among the series journals of Foreign Medical Sciences to enter list of Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, which means that our journal has become a core journal of Chinese scientific and technical periodicals. Sticking to the goal of “implementing the party and the country’s health policies, integrating theory with practice and raising academic standards based on popularization”, International Journal of Pediatrics is oriented to reflect the latest progress in the international field of pediatric basic and clinical research, which greatly promotes academic exchanges. For more than 30 years, the journal has always adhered faithfully to principle of “keeping the papers scientific, practical and innovative” and has successfully played a guiding role in the field of hot and important issue of current Chinese pediatric research, becoming popular among pediatric doctors and medical students. Our journal mainly caters for clinicians, teachers and researchers who engaged in pediatrics and related disciplines. The major columns of the journal include Reviews, Original Papers and Clinical Experiences. Other columns such as Commentary, Continuing Medical Education and Academic Developments Abroad have been set up as well,with focus on both pediatric clinical and basic research. The journal has been indexed by many periodical data bases in China such as Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (CSTPCD), Chinese Medical Current Contents (CMCC), Chinese Medical Citation Index (CMCI), China Journal Full text Database (CJFD), Chinese Journal Network, Chinese Academic Journals (CD version), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database(CAJCED)and Chinese Core Journal (Selected) Database.

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